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“Miles at the Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 3″ box set released last week

The ”Miles at the Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 3″ 4-CD box set has just been released last week, on March 25, 2014.

Here is is an excerpt from Thom Jurek’s review on AllMusic:

“Until now, the official recordings of Miles Davis’ performances at the Fillmore East between June 17 and 20, 1970 have been limited to Miles at the Fillmore, released as a double-disc. That album’s producer Teo Macero edited the recordings to create medleys of each night’s music to four 20-minute selections. This four-disc set contains the full concerts. There are 100 minutes of previously unreleased music from Wednesday through Saturday, and an additional 35 minutes of unreleased music from a previous gig at the Fillmore West.”

The June 17-20, 1970 concerts feature Keith Jarrett on organ. For more information about these concerts, see Peter Losin’s sessionography (June 17, 18, 19, and 20).

For more information about the box set, see also the announcement on

The Impulse Years 1973-1976 9-CD box set

"The Impulse Years 1973-1976" cover

“The Impulse Years 1973-1976″ cover

This is already old news, but Universal Music Group has re-released “The Impulse Years 1973-1976″ as a single 9-CD box set in October 2013 in Italy. The box set is available as an import in most European countries.

There’s apparently nothing new in this reissue. All the music on it was previously available on two separate box sets, “The Impulse Years 1973-1974″ and “Mysteries: Impulse Years 1975-1976″.

Thanks to Jon for the information.

“Ritual” and “Arbour Zena” to be re-released on LP/CD and as High-Resolution downloads

As previously mentioned, “Ritual” will be released on CD for the first time on January 24, 2014. Actually, it appears that both “Ritual” and “Arbour Zena” will be re-released on LP/CD and as High-Resolution downloads (available from Highresaudio, Gubemusic, Qobuz, and HDtracks).

Marlbank has a news story about these reissues.

Thanks to Stephen and Jon for the information.

“Ritual” to be re-released by ECM in January 2014

After “Hymns/Spheres” (January 2013) and “Concerts: Bregenz / München” (November 2013), ECM will finally re-release “Ritual” on CD in January 2014 (January 24 in Germany, January 27 in the UK).



Some information about the album from AllMusic:

“Keith Jarrett does not actually play on this LP; rather, it is Dennis Russell Davies, a classical pianist and conductor with whom Jarrett collaborates frequently, who performs this 32-minute Jarrett composition on a grand piano. Ritual has several of the characteristics of Jarrett’s solo improvisations — the repetitive vamps and ostinatos, wistful lyricism, ruminative episodes developing organically out of what preceded them — but without the jazzy/bluesy feeling that runs through the solo concerts.”

Thanks to Arnulf and Matthias for the information.

Keith Jarrett’s Bregenz concert recorded by pianist Vic Olsen

2013 is an exciting year for Keith Jarrett fans. ECM Records has already released / re-released three Keith Jarrett albums (“Hymns/Spheres”, “Somewhere”, and “Bach: Six Sonatas for Violin and Piano”), and will soon release “No End” and re-release “Concerts: Bregenz / München”, in November. That’s 10 CDs worth of music!

Vic Olsen - "Keith Jarrett: Bregenz Concert / Franz Liszt: Sonata in B minor"

Vic Olsen – “Keith Jarrett: Bregenz Concert / Franz Liszt: Sonata in B minor”

If that’s still not enough for you, CVM Records is releasing a recording of the Bregenz concert by pianist Vic Olsen. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

For the first time in music recording history, an improvised concert by the renowned pianist Keith Jarrett has been recorded in a studio by another performer.

The Bregenz Concert was improvised by Keith Jarrett on May 28, 1981 in Austria. In a widely acclaimed biography titled The Man and His Music, Ian Carr wrote, “The Bregenz/Munich concerts were Jarrett’s most brilliant live solo recordings to date; his level of inspiration is quite extraordinary, and the music covers a wider musical and emotional range than ever. He takes fabulous risks, pushing everything to the limit.” A good many critics would agree.

Pianist Vic Olsen has dared to confront the perilous challenge of replaying this vast fresco — and what a job he has done! He brings to life the lyricism, expressive power and polyphonic rapture of this essential and yet unclassifiable music as superbly as when it was first performed. What we are listening to isn’t Keith Jarrett, but it is a celestial, Jarrett-like voice that can be heard throughout Olsen’s outstanding, masterly rendition.

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