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Promotional video for “Jasmine”

Universal Music France posted a promotional video for the Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden duo album “Jasmine” (to be released in May 2010). It consists of footage of Keith Jarrett playing with Charlie Haden and Paul Motian in 1972, as well as Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden playing at Jarrett’s home a few years ago (2007 or 2008?). I guess most (if not all) of it comes from the “Charlie Haden” documentary by Reto Caduff.

Update (May 15, 2010). The video was created by Kinetic Media NYC. You can also watch it on their website.

“Jasmine” cover and tracklist

"Jasmine" cover

"Jasmine" cover

Here’s the tracklist for “Jasmine” (from Amazon):

  1. For All We Know
  2. Where Can I Go Without You
  3. No Moon At All
  4. One Day I’ll Fly Away
  5. Intro – I’m Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life
  6. Body And Soul
  7. Goodbye
  8. Don’t Ever Leave Me

The liner notes (by Keith Jarrett) are also available from Amazon. Here’s an excerpt:

“Music is an amazing thing. It doesn’t exist as a stationary object. It moves in real time and can be uplifting both to the player and the listener. The melting, trans-figurative moment, that feeling of everything being there, just for an instant, that surrender that overcomes us as players (if we’re good enough) and leads us on to the next pregnant second, patient in the knowledge that there always is, waiting in the wings, the next chance to feel this fullness and celebrate it (as it is only in the nature of art to produce it this way); to this we dedicate our lives. But it is not for us alone; it is also made for you, the listener, to feel these same feelings along with us, to participate and to also be uplifted by it. (…)”

“Jasmine” will be released in May 2010 (on May 3 in France and on May 25 in the US, for example).