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Keith Jarrett’s next album “Yesterdays” to be released in January 2009

According to ECM Records, the next trio album will be entitled “Yesterdays” and released in January 2009. The December issue of Downbeat, which includes a 5-page article about Keith Jarrett, mentions that the album is a live recording from one or several concerts from 2001 in Tokyo. Steve Lake, from ECM Records, adds that the album will consist of “eight pieces from April 30, 2001 at Metropolitan Festival Hall, plus one piece recorded at a sound-check on April 24 at Orchard Hall”.

Three Keith Jarrett albums in ECM Touchstones series

“Facing You”, “Standards Live”, and “Bye Bye Blackbird” are now part of the ECM Touchstone series. These albums have apparently not been remastered, but they’re available for 9.90 euros each (what they call “download price” in the small brochure I received) and include “cardboard covers with original artwork”. is back

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