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The Köln Concert film documentary

There are 7 days left to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign for a Köln Concert film documentary. The project sounds very intriguing.

“During an unexpected investigation in search of the mysterious piano from the Köln Concert, the behind-the-scenes of a myth are gradually revealed.”

For more information, you can go to their KissKissBankBank page.

Thanks to Hartmut for the link.

Palle Danielsson (1946-2024)

Palle Danielsson died on 18 May 2024, at the age of 77. He played on multiple Keith Jarrett albums with the so-called European quartet, such has Belonging and My Song.

This is a statement from his sister Monica Dominique:

Bassist Palle Danielson fell asleep at his home after a period of illness on May 18.
He lived to be 77 years old.

He leaves behind his life partner the artist Ulla Lööf

Early in his career, Palle became an obvious profile in the Swedish jazz world, but perhaps better known internationally through his collaborations with greats such as Bill Evans, Eje Thelin, Peter Erskine and others.

But perhaps he became best known through his many years of collaboration with Keith Jarrett and his “European Quartet” with whom he toured all over the world for several years.

Palle has been awarded several times for his efforts in music with e.g. The Monica Zetterlund
Scholarship, the Jan Johansson Scholarship and most recently last year, he was awarded the
honorary Lifetime Achievement Award by the Swedish Jazz Association. Palle was the brother of composer and pianist Monica Dominique, who toured together for many years with their duo program. In 2012 came the album “Togetherness”.

Palle was not just a beloved little brother. He was also a highly respected and extremely
knowledgeable fellow musician. I don’t think everyone really understands how famous he was internationally. The grief is double and very heavy now.

“Köln Concert” live performance by Thomas Enhco and Maki Namekawa in Paris

Two pianists, Thomas Enhco and Maki Namekawa, will perform the Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett at the Cité de la Musique in Paris on April 4-7, 2023. The four concerts are apparently sold out, but a waiting list is available.

“Deux pianistes inspirés venant de sphères musicales différentes – Thomas Enhco et Maki Namekawa – s’emparent de The Köln Concert, mythique album live de Keith Jarrett, et restituent l’incroyable luminosité de cette musique en liberté, entre jazz et classique.”

“Le 24 janvier 1975, en tournée en Europe, Keith Jarrett fait étape à l’Opéra de Cologne. Très fatigué, ayant mal au dos, il doit de plus jouer avec le piano en piètre état mis à sa disposition. Résultat : un concert magique, entièrement improvisé, durant lequel va s’écouler une musique épurée mue par une ferveur intense. Publié en 1975 par le prestigieux label ECM, l’enregistrement du concert va rencontrer un succès démesuré, devenant l’un des disques de jazz les plus vendus, et rester dans les annales. Jeune pianiste français, qui oscille entre jazz et classique, Thomas Enhco s’allie ici avec Maki Namekawa, jeune pianiste japonaise, dont le répertoire s’étend du classique au contemporain, pour interpréter dans son intégralité cet album unique à l’éclat inouï.”

Thanks to Daniel for the information.

“Köln 75” film in pre-production

An upcoming film, Köln 75, directed by Ido Fluk, was briefly mentioned in a recent piece by NPR.

“Köln 75” tells the true story of Vera Brandes, who, in 1975 and at the age of 17, staged the famous Köln Concert by jazz musician Keith Jarrett, which became the top-selling jazz solo album of all time.

It was first announced in an article by Variety a few months ago. It will feature John Magaro as Keith Jarrett.

Thanks to Jamie for the information.

Update (January 19, 2024). The film is now called The Girl from Köln according to IMDb. Thanks to Nate for the information.