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Previously unreleased portion from Bremen 1973 to be broadcast on BR-Klassik

BR-Klassik will broadcast a previously unreleased portion from the July 12, 1973 concert at the Sendesaal in Bremen to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this concert, released by ECM as Solo Concerts: Bremen / Lausanne.

Here’s an (automatic) translation from the article above:

Jarrett Unheard: Archive Discovery

On July 12, 1973, Keith Jarrett performed one of his first piano solo concerts at the Bremen Sendesaal. Despite being plagued by back pain, he impressed the audience with his two sets, which can now be heard on the ECM release “Concerts: Bremen / Lausanne.”

However, the second half of the first set has remained unreleased to this day and slumbers in the archive. In this improvised half, Jarrett transforms the romantic tone into an energetic boogie-woogie improvisation.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this concert, Keith Jarrett’s tones, which until now have only been heard by a few, are finally to be presented to the public.

The 40th anniversary of that concert was already commemorated by a “virtual concert” at the Sendesaal:

Forty years later, on July 12, 2013, a “virtual concert” (that is, without Keith Jarrett) will take place at the same venue. A complete recording of the 1973 concert will be played, “including the unpublished portion of the first set” (“inklusive des unveröffentlichten Teils des ersten Sets”).

The broadcast will take place on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 at 23:30 on BR-Klassik.

Thanks to Matthias for the information!

Update (July 22, 2023). A recording of the broadcast is available online. Thanks to Simon for the link!

Dennis Russell Davies interview about Keith Jarrett (in German)

A 23-minute interview with Dennis Russell Davies about his collaborations with Keith Jarrett was broadcast by MDR Klassik, a German radio station, in early December 2021.

“When Dennis Russell Davies talks to Keith Jarrett – on the phone or at Jarrett’s home – they look back fondly on concerts they’ve played together and on great moments at his home, where the musician still lives.” (DeepL translation)

Davies has visited Keith Jarrett several times since his stroke. As we know, Keith has lost most of his ability to play the piano. He won’t be able to play in front of an audience anymore, but he’s still playing for himself. Davies witnessed Keith improvise on the piano, playing only with his right hand. Davies was enthusiastic about it and hopes that Keith will compose new music in the near future.

Thanks to Arnulf for the link and the summary of the interview.

Keith Jarrett’s 70th birthday: bits and pieces

I’ve received several emails about various events related to Keith Jarrett’s 70th birthday. I’ll just share them here as a single post.

The May issue of Jazz Magazine (France) is largely devoted to Keith Jarrett:

“A l’occasion de son soixante-dixième anniversaire et de ses cinquante ans de carrière, et au moment où sort son nouvel album solo, “Creation”, Keith Jarrett, l’un des plus grands pianistes de l’histoire du jazz a accordé à Jazz Magazine un entretien exclusif de près de deux heures. La difficulté de se renouveler, son rapport à la scène et au public, ses relations avec ses musiciens, ses projets, ses espoirs, ses angoisses… : Keith Jarrett dit tout et ne cache rien.

Complément idéal de cette rencontre, un entretien passionnant avec son producteur de toujours, Manfred Eicher, le patron du mythique label ECM Records.

Sans oublier trente pages de dossier pour tout savoir sur les grands classiques et les trésors oubliés du pianiste, ses collaborations historiques (Charles Lloyd, Miles Davis, Art Blakey…), l’histoire de Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert etc.

Exceptionnellement, pour cette occasion, l’intégralité de la diffusion de Jazz Magazine accueillera un CD exceptionnel avec deux titres rares enregistrés à la Salle Pleyel.

A noter que Jazz Magazine sera également présent le dimanche 3 mai à partir de 21 h sur France Inter dans l’émission d’Elsa Boublil, Summertime – France Inter, qui consacrera une spéciale d’une heure à Keith Jarrett.”

Jazz Magazine (issue #672)

Jazz Magazine (issue #672)

A new book by Italian photographer Roberto Masotti, “Keith Jarrett, un ritratto”, will be published by Arcana Jazz on May 6, 2015, covering the period from 1969 to 2011.

"Keith Jarrett, un ritratto"

“Keith Jarrett, un ritratto”

Some of the photographs can be previewed on

SWR2 (Germany) will air a 4-hour program devoted to Keith Jarrett on May 9, 2015 at 10 PM.

“Mit seinen ebenso hymnischen wie groovenden Melodien hat er Generationen von Pianisten in seinen Bann gezogen. Nur wenige vermögen den Flügel so “singen” zu lassen wie Keith Jarrett. Fast im Alleingang hat er Anfang der 1970er-Jahre mit seinen Improvisations-Solokonzerten eine ganze Gattung durchgesetzt. Dabei steht Jarrett idealtypisch für den “universalen” Spontan-Erfinder. Elemente aus Klassik, Jazz, Weltmusik, Gospel, Free und Rock verflechten sich in seinen Linien zu vielfältigen und differenzierten neuen Formen.

“The Köln Concert”, Keith Jarretts Soloalbum aus dem Jahre 1975, hat weit über den Kreis der Spezialisten hinaus ein Millionenpublikum begeistert. Was den Pianisten nicht daran hinderte sich über diese Platte geringschätzig zu äußern. Sie gehöre zum Schlechtesten, was er je eingespielt habe. Man möge sämtliche Editionen dieses Albums bitte einstampfen. Diesem Wunsch hat der Plattenproduzent Manfred Eicher nicht entsprochen: Das “Köln Concert” ist mit 3,5 Millionen verkauften Exemplaren die bis heute erfolgreichste Klavier-Soloplatte.

Anlässlich Jarretts 70. Geburtstags bringen wir in der 4-stündige Sendung einen Panoramablick über Jarretts faszinierendes Œuvre: von seinen epochalen Solo-Konzerten und gefeierten Klassik-Einspielungen über seine Trioarbeit, mit der er im Genre der Piano-Trios neue Wegmarken setzte, bis hin zu seinen legendären Quartett-Aufnahmen mit Jan Garbarek und Dewey Redman. Dabei gehörte Bescheidenheit noch nie zu den besonderen Qualitäten von Keith Jarrett. Er sagt: “Von allen Jazzern kann ich Melodie am besten.””

Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella, an Italian pianist, will play a tribute concert at the Siotto Palace in Cagliari on May 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM. Here’s the program:

Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella, piano solo

  • Jarrett, Radiance – part 8 (2002 Tokyo) 5′
  • Gershwin, Summertime (1976 Tokyo) 5′
  • Jarrett, Sun bear concert Osaka – part I (1976 Osaka) 8′
  • Freeman, The Wind (1987 Tokyo) 10′
  • Jarrett, Blues (1988 Paris) 5′
  • Arlen/Harburg, Over the rainbow (1991 London) 7′
  • Jarrett, Koln concert – part I (1975 Colonia) 26′
  • Jarrett, Tokyo Encore (1976 Tokyo) 8′

If you know of any other events, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Update (May 6, 2015). On Friday, May 8, Open Jazz, a radio show on France Musique, presented by Alex Duthil, will be devoted to Keith Jarrett (“Keith Jarrett : 70 ans de solitude”). Thanks to Michel for the information.

Cologne/Köln concert to be broadcast on WDR3

On January 24, 2015, exactly 40 years after it took place, the “Köln Concert” will be broadcast on WDR3 (Germany), at 8 PM. The broadcast will include background information about the concert from Ian Carr and Peter Elsdon.

Thanks to Arnulf for the information.

Update (January 26, 2015). Belgian classical radio station Klara also did a program about the Köln concert and other ECM artists. It’s still available here. Thanks to Toon for the link.

Bremen 1975 solo concert to be broadcast by Radio Bremen on November 23, 2014

The February 2, 1975 solo concert at the Glocke in Bremen will be broadcast by Radio Bremen on Sunday, November 23, 2014, at 20:05. This is a two-part concert, with one encore (“Treasure Island”). More information can be found on the Radio Bremen website. Don’t miss it if you can!

Thanks to Maurizio for the information.