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“Köln Concert” live performance by Thomas Enhco and Maki Namekawa in Paris

Two pianists, Thomas Enhco and Maki Namekawa, will perform the Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett at the Cité de la Musique in Paris on April 4-7, 2023. The four concerts are apparently sold out, but a waiting list is available.

“Deux pianistes inspirés venant de sphères musicales différentes – Thomas Enhco et Maki Namekawa – s’emparent de The Köln Concert, mythique album live de Keith Jarrett, et restituent l’incroyable luminosité de cette musique en liberté, entre jazz et classique.”

“Le 24 janvier 1975, en tournée en Europe, Keith Jarrett fait étape à l’Opéra de Cologne. Très fatigué, ayant mal au dos, il doit de plus jouer avec le piano en piètre état mis à sa disposition. Résultat : un concert magique, entièrement improvisé, durant lequel va s’écouler une musique épurée mue par une ferveur intense. Publié en 1975 par le prestigieux label ECM, l’enregistrement du concert va rencontrer un succès démesuré, devenant l’un des disques de jazz les plus vendus, et rester dans les annales. Jeune pianiste français, qui oscille entre jazz et classique, Thomas Enhco s’allie ici avec Maki Namekawa, jeune pianiste japonaise, dont le répertoire s’étend du classique au contemporain, pour interpréter dans son intégralité cet album unique à l’éclat inouï.”

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“Book of Ways” to be re-issued on CD on March 10, 2023

Book of Ways will be released by ECM as a 2-CD package on March 10, 2023 (see also Facebook post).

After 36 years: ‘Book of Ways’ is available in exclusive packaging starting March 10th. ‘Book of Ways’ was recorded on the 14th of July 1986 in Ludwigsburg. The sequence of improvisations has been adapted for this double album without being changed in order. Rather amazing is the great variety of sound and rhythm – Jarrett played alternately one or two instruments simultaneously. Beyond unmistakeable echoes of lute music and Japanese koto, the whole range of modes of expression the clavichord is capable of is being fathomed out. All this has been supported by studio techniques, which recorded the sound of the instrument with rarely heard intensity. The re-issue 2-CD comes in a new packaging with high quality paper sleeves and gold embossed lettering.

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Keith Jarrett interview in March 2023 issue of DownBeat

An interview with Keith Jarrett by Michael Jackson, At Home With Keith Jarrett, is available in the March 2023 issue of DownBeat.

“​In a wide-ranging conversation, the legendary pianist, relaxed in his New Jersey home, speaks to everything from his legacy, his favorite artists and the coolness of his sunglasses to the strokes that have left him able to play piano only with his right hand, something he’s not willing to do in public.”

March 2023 issue of DownBeat

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“Köln 75” film in pre-production

An upcoming film, Köln 75, directed by Ido Fluk, was briefly mentioned in a recent piece by NPR.

“Köln 75” tells the true story of Vera Brandes, who, in 1975 and at the age of 17, staged the famous Köln Concert by jazz musician Keith Jarrett, which became the top-selling jazz solo album of all time.

It was first announced in an article by Variety a few months ago. It will feature John Magaro as Keith Jarrett.

Thanks to Jamie for the information.