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“Paris / London: Testament” and October 2009 solo concerts reviews

Here is a selection of reviews of “Paris / London: Testament”, released in October 2009, as well as recent interviews:

Some reviews of the October 2009 solo concerts in Europe:

If you know of an interesting review not listed here, feel free to leave a message in the forum (see link below).

Keith Jarrett on Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz

This is old news already. Keith Jarrett recorded a session with Marian McPartland for Piano Jazz on September 8, 2006. It was first broadcast on NPR (National Public Radio) on January 2, 2007 and recently rebroadcast on September 4, 2009. The complete session (57:51) is available on NPR’s Web site. The set list is as follows:

  • “Improvisation” (Jarrett)
  • “Blackberry Winter” (McGlohon, Wilder)
  • “Free Piece” (Jarrett, McPartland)
  • “Portrait of Keith Jarrett” (McPartland)
  • “Country” (Jarrett)
  • “Indian Summer” (Herbert)