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More information about “A Multitude of Angels” (cover, tracklist, release dates)

“A Multitude of Angels” is now listed on and

"A Multitude of Angels" cover

“A Multitude of Angels” cover

Disc 1 (Modena)

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Danny Boy

Disc 2 (Ferrara)

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Encore

Disc 3 (Torino)

  1. Part I
  2. Part II

Disc 4 (Genova)

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Encore
  4. Over The Rainbow

A Multitude of Angels is a 4-CD set of recordings from a series of solo concerts in Italy in October 1996, documenting the conclusion of Keith Jarrett’s experiments with long-form improvisation in performances from Modena, Ferrara, Turin, and Genoa.

“These were the last concerts I played having no breaks within each set,” Keith Jarrett explains in his liner notes. “The arc of the music is characteristically comprehensive: jazz is ever present here, alongside my deep closeness with classical music (modern and ancient, Ives and Bach).”

It will apparently be released on November 4 in Germany and on November 18 in the US.

Thanks to Lüth, Adrian, and Aziz for the links!

“A Multitude of Angels” release delayed until early November 2016

I’ve received the following information about the “A Multitude of Angels” box set:

“The next Keith Jarrett ECM CD release, “A Multitude of Angels” will not be be released worldwide until early November, not in October.

The box set will include 4 CDs, not 5. The flyer that ECM released for the recent solo concert in Rome on July 12 was not correct.

The 4 CDs will have the complete improvised 1st and 2nd sets of the following 4 solo concerts he performed in Italy in 1996. Plus a few encores from certain of the concerts are included where the overall timing for each CD allowed.

Modena – October 23, 1996 – Teatro Comunale
Ferrara – October 25, 1996 – Teatro Comunale
Torino – October 28, 1996 – Teatro Regio
Genoa – October 30, 1996 – Teatro Carlo Felice

These were the last 4 solo concerts Keith ever performed in Europe at which he performed two long continuous sets like the Koln Concert, Paris, Vienna and La Scala concert recordings. These were also the last concerts he performed before he stopped performing for 2 years when he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

“A Multitude of Angels” 5-CD box set to be released in October 2016

A Multitude of Angels (1/2)

A Multitude of Angels (1/2)

As announced via a flyer distributed at recent solo concerts in Europe:

“A Multitude of Angels” is the title of a new set with recordings from a series of solo concerts in Italy in October 1996. It documents Keith Jarrett’s long-form improvisations from Modena, Ferrara, Torino and Genova.”

“A Multitude of Angels” will officially be released in October 2016, but it is already listed on Amazon Japan with a release date of September 21, 2016.

At this point, it is unclear if any of the encores (e.g. “Over The Rainbow”, “Mon Coeur Est Rouge”, or “Danny Boy”) will be included in the set.

Thanks to Matthias, Michal, Timo, Thorsten, and Sascha for the information/scans!

A Multitude of Angels (2/2)

A Multitude of Angels (2/2)

Rhino / Warner to re-release five Keith Jarrett albums as box set

"Original Album Series" cover

“Original Album Series” cover

Rhino will re-release five Keith Jarrett albums as a 5-CD box set entitled “Original Album Series” in late April 2015 (e.g. April 27, 2015 in the UK). It will include:

  1. Life Between The Exit Signs (1967)
  2. Restoration Ruin (1968)
  3. Somewhere Before (1969)
  4. The Mourning Of A Star (1971)
  5. El Juicio (The Judgement) (1976)

Thanks to Stephen for the information.