“Ritual” to be re-released by ECM in January 2014

After “Hymns/Spheres” (January 2013) and “Concerts: Bregenz / München” (November 2013), ECM will finally re-release “Ritual” on CD in January 2014 (January 24 in Germany, January 27 in the UK).



Some information about the album from AllMusic:

“Keith Jarrett does not actually play on this LP; rather, it is Dennis Russell Davies, a classical pianist and conductor with whom Jarrett collaborates frequently, who performs this 32-minute Jarrett composition on a grand piano. Ritual has several of the characteristics of Jarrett’s solo improvisations — the repetitive vamps and ostinatos, wistful lyricism, ruminative episodes developing organically out of what preceded them — but without the jazzy/bluesy feeling that runs through the solo concerts.”

Thanks to Arnulf and Matthias for the information.

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