Cologne/Köln concert to be broadcast on WDR3

On January 24, 2015, exactly 40 years after it took place, the “Köln Concert” will be broadcast on WDR3 (Germany), at 8 PM. The broadcast will include background information about the concert from Ian Carr and Peter Elsdon.

Thanks to Arnulf for the information.

Update (January 26, 2015). Belgian classical radio station Klara also did a program about the Köln concert and other ECM artists. It’s still available here. Thanks to Toon for the link.

One thought on “Cologne/Köln concert to be broadcast on WDR3

  1. Sal

    Well, not exactly. According to Wikipedia,öln_Concert
    the concert took place at the “unusual late hour” of 11:30.
    I do not find Ian Carrs biography right now to check the time. Even though I did join this forum today
    and despite the fact that this is my first reply, I am a fan since 1984. And, like many of us, the Köln Concert was the introduction tho the music of Keith Jarrett. (And every girl friend had to bear it!)
    My fascinationof the Solo and Trio work went that far that I even wanted to make a documentary about him around 1999. I was relatively well established as an film editor at that time, working in Los Angeles, but I did not have a name in documentary directing. Thus my request was turned town by Manfred Eicher. I promised not to approach Mr. Jarrett directly when I visited a trio´s concert
    at Masonic Auditorium om Feb.28,1999.
    As said, I “lost” to the italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti who did not do a documentary either. Mike Dibb finally made it with “The Art of Improvisation” in 2005.
    All the best,

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